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God's people are calling you home

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So many people adrift in the world

So many people lost

So many people hurting

And never knowing the cost.

Families without fathers

And mothers hooked on drugs

Kids abandoned in their own homes

People see them and call them thugs.

So many people with so many excuses

As to why they have gone away

From the loving family called the church

Now they live in disarray.

They know of God and Jesus

But know him they do not

To them God is but a vending machine

And they call on him a lot.

But before they call he has answered

His rescue is in place

But the lost cannot seem to bring themselves

To the place of the people saved by grace.

So many hurt and suffer

Placing all of their hope in things of the world

Knowing not the God who loves them

Yet his banner remains unfurled.

Money is always short

Except when there was a lot

But even then none honored God

Why be surprised he knows you not?

So many people adrift in the world

So many people lost

So many people hurting

And never knowing the cost.

For God loves this world so much

That he would not let our hurt prevail

In that perfect sacrifice

Sin and death he did assail.

Until death was truly defeated

And sin was taken away

Not so we could drift aimlessly

But so we could finally live his way.

Many say they know God

Even pray to him every day

Yet as far as those churches go

They’ll just stay away.

But who will know when you are hurting

Or when the water is cutoff

If you don’t have a family of faith

Who knows how much love cost?

For when you professed Jesus

As your savior and your Lord

The worldly person died in you

It’s time to cut the cord.

And be the new creation

That you were always meant to be

For Christ’s blood was not spilt in vain

That day at calvary.

The church is not the building

It’s not the sign on the door

It is all who follow Jesus

Because he is their risen Lord.

Perhaps someone offended you

Perhaps some places made you feel alone

But God has always been faithful

And he is calling you home.

Cast off those excuses that hinder

If we are honest they don’t amount to much

And come and worship the King of Kings

Having thrown away that crutch.

For you were not made to navigate

This harsh world all alone

God’s own family is gathered

And they are calling you home.

Come home!