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'God's Not Dead' will touch your soul

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This Easter Sunday as Christians celebrate the Resurrection and atheists celebrate the Easter Bunny, there are three major movies in theaters about God, Christ, and faith. "God's Not Dead" is one of the greatest movies made about the argument between those who have faith in Christ and those who put their faith in themselves. It follows the stories of several people learning about life and God, centering on a young student whose philosophy professor demands all his students acknowledge that God is superstitious nonsense.

In coming to Christ, I quickly learned that accepting Jesus as my Savior did not automatically make me a wonderful human being. Christians understand that letting in the Holy Spirit is not a ticket to enlightenment, but an admission of two very important elements of life; One that we are going to die, and Two, that we believe there is more than just this corporeal life and we want to go to Heaven. Everyone wants to be a good person, but all of us realize we fall short.

The most important thing I have realized about liberalism is that it is the ideology of immaturity. Whenever liberals scorn even the concept of a Supreme Being they always begin with the childish idea that God is a kindly old man in a white beard and robes looking down on us from above. In the adult world God is so much more and no one holds a picture of God we learned from children's books.

God's Not Dead