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'God's Not Dead' opens today: Christians face another Goliath

"God's Not Dead" offers a fresh perspective through the eyes of a believer in God who struggles against the anti-religious culture.
"God's Not Dead" offers a fresh perspective through the eyes of a believer in God who struggles against the anti-religious culture.

The culture in college and even secondary education is the least friendly to Christians or religion in general. The movie “God’s Not Dead” which opens today, March 21st offers some challenging issues that exist on the college campuses of today. The entertainment industry also has a tenuous relationship with religion.

In "God's Not Dead", a college professor with an ax to grind against religion is pitted against an idealistic college student who must navigate through various scenarios that pits his faith against the culture war currently raging in academia and society. The confrontations in "God’s Not Dead” are a microcosm of situations that many Christians with religious principles face when dealing with an agenda against religion.

Obviously every issue dealing with the existence of God cannot be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, however the movie makes a valiant attempt to deal with the tougher questions regarding the reality of God.

People of faith will be able to identify with the negativity presented against those believing in God as the culture has grown increasingly hostile towards the concept of God. It is difficult to classify those with faith in God as a minority belief since the majority of American’s do believe in God. What has changed dramatically is many people have constructed their own preference about God’s nature instead of accepting the standards in the Bible.

Typically those with belief in God have to defend their faith to the non-believers as tyrannical professors, but the tables are turned in “God’s Not Dead” when a student with a belief in God challenges the professor’s atheistic views .

Polls reveal, religious leaders know, and religious believers experience more antagonism for their faith as never before in America’s history, and the generations indoctrinated to moral relativism are firmly entrenched in society. Those walking away from traditional faith are reinventing who God is in order to mirror their personal philosophy.

This fact is validated in a Pew Study recently released that reveals the number of people preferring “none” to a particular denomination is not that people do not believe in God, but they have rejected the traditional standards that define who God is and what God actually represents. With no accepted Biblical standard of God, people project their own assumptions regarding God and as a result envision a God with their own fallibilities.

“God’s Not Dead” deals with the people’s inaccurate understanding with God which will hopefully correct misconceptions about an omniscient God of the Bible whose ways are far different than the limited contemporary rationale of 21st century thinking. God does not change, but man’s opinion of God does.

The scriptures declare in Isaiah 55:9—“For as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts”.

Judging an infinite God by finite means is a precarious undertaking. "God's Not Dead" will put a portion of those inaccuracies to rest.

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