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'God's Not Dead' - have you seen the movie?

From “The Passion of the Christ”, to “The Bible” series on TV, to “Son of God” and now, “God’s Not Dead”; it seems that Hollywood also realizes that people need to be more informed about God and the impending destruction of this world.

Read and see why "God's Not Dead"
Read and see why "God's Not Dead"
God is very much alive!

This past Friday the public release of the movie, God’s Not Deadwas the fifth most popular show on the national circuit. The “God’s Not Dead” movie is about a college philosophy professor, who is an atheist that wants his entire class to sign a sheet of paper saying “There is no God”. The entire class makes the declaration except for one theistic student who refuses to conform to the teacher’s request, but is challenged, by the professor to defend his stand about God’s role and even His existence.

The whole question that Christians should ask themselves as the movie has asked the audience is, “How far would you defend your belief in God?” Not that God needs our defense, but would you, as a follower of Christ, know enough to tell someone why you decided to follow Him? Oh, that’s another part of a Christian’s beliefs; there are three persons in the one God whom we serve, love and believe in; but that’s another discussion.

The first three questions and answers that appear in a Christian Catechism are statements of faith that some Christians learn from a young age: Who made us? God made us. Who is God? God is the Supreme Being who made all things. Why did God make us? God made us to show forth His goodness and to share with us His everlasting happiness in heaven. These questions are the foundation on what some people take a stance with their beliefs in a Creator.

The movie depicts a philosophical rebuttal between a student & teacher as outside situations gives fuel to the fire about a living God, When Bad Things Happen to Good People and how other satanic influences come across the paths of humans which make people question the reality of God.

Have you seen the movie, God’s Not Dead? Can you disprove God’s existence? This movie gives examples of creationism, evolution, the Big Bang Theory and much more. Please be respectful of other’s expressions of faith and their beliefs or non-beliefs. Click on the Slide Show to the left of this column for some inspirational quotes from the movie.

Check back next week for a review on Noah.

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