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God's hand made an uncertain future less scary

What happened to the compromise?
What happened to the compromise?
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Finding cheaper renter’s insurance wasn’t to be one of my major winter projects, but the rise in premiums after more than two years drove me elsewhere with no auto insurance discounts available after 10 years.

For the first five years, my yearly insurance rate stayed the same, just under $140. But after 2009, there were significant rate hikes that had me worried about being able to afford renter’s insurance. It wouldn’t have been wise not having coverage. Both mom and me saw the devastation of a fire that destroyed a home and the psyche of one that didn’t have any insurance and had to replace everything using their own funds.

After my mother begged for me to find someone to cover me in 2004 after my sister had a fire at her apartment complex, in which she suffered smoke damage, finding a local company to cover me was difficult. No one took renters back in 2004. Even the local Allstate office wouldn’t accept renters. It was God’s hand that lead me to the office in Irving, Texas and to Liberty Mutual this Wednesday past.

The Bible said, in Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

There were three things that bothered me about Allstate’s Renter’s Insurance:

  • Their premiums were too high for those on a fixed income
  • They were only concerned with my purchase of a car in order to have gotten a discount.
  • In spite of my inquiries, my agent couldn’t have told me why their rates were so high.

In looking for cheaper renters insurance, both of the well-known local companies left a bad taste in either my mother’s or my mouth for one reason or another. In checking rates at State Farm, the monthly payment rate looked reasonable at $10:34, but a client could’ve paid any where from $125-408 as a yearly rate. Allstate was somewhere in the middle with a yearly rate of $260. One actually had to contact an agent on the Farmers web site. Mom’s agent left a bad taste in my mouth and not wanting to have put my friend from my church on the spot kept me from contacting them.

Liberty Mutual offered me the same type of coverage that Allstate did for $60 less. This was without pressure to have had a car for the discount. As of January 15, 2014 at 12:01 a.m., my renter’s insurance company was switched over to Liberty Mutual. Provided my bank account was kept at a certain level, their e-Service should’ve worked quite well because everything was paperless.

The strangest thing occurred yesterday around three in the afternoon. My former agent had the nerve to have had someone from their office call me to ask about my having bought a car. After having told them no and that my association had ended 15 hours before, all they wanted was my informing them when purchasing a car for the discount. It gave me great satisfaction having told them of my not being sure it was going to be done even then. They wished me a pleasant afternoon and quickly hung up. Their slogan of being in good hands was great, but only for those with deep pockets to cover the high yearly insurance premiums. God’s had made an uncertain future less scary.

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