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God’s grace…

God’s grace is peppered throughout the bible at least 170 times, so it must mean something to be brought to our attention so frequently. In scripture and dictionary language grace is defined as “unmerited favor” and some believe we don’t do anything to deserve it… and we don’t have to!

Traditional religion teaches we must strive for God’s provision; yet God’s grace is already provided. So God just blesses us and blesses us abundantly and we need do nothing. It’s done “just because” and it’s his nature to do so; because God is good!

However, in a universe governed by “cause and effect”, choices and consequences, something must precede this unmerited favor. For we know, when we “do this…that happens”. This formula is neither relative nor comparative. It is absolute; giving an action to the cause! In my humble opinion this action is to surrender. Here we cease resistance and we release control of the situation to the Infinite Intelligence of God or whatever name strikes a cord in your heart and mind. This takes us above the actions of spiritual law and into the land of Grace.Imagine what life could be like if we truly trusted and realized our oneness with God; where all needs are met and all wants fulfilled. Trusting and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt; “God’s grace is my sufficiency in all things” and it is so in each and every moment. It is a knowing and a trusting that, “as I receive only enough air in my lungs for this breath, less than a second from now I will receive enough air for the next! We need do nothing other than breathe, for it is God’s will that every need be supplied.

So how do we come to surrender? Practice, practice and practice by meditating, prayer, visioning and any and all activity that commune with our inner or spiritual Self. Gradually our awareness and consciousness begins to shift and we see things differently. for we've surrendered all challenges and concerns by “letting go and letting God”…

And so we live in the moment and trust the process that unfolds a greater good, one second at a time. Knowing that in these seconds, God’s grace is at work and is truly our sufficiency…in ALL things

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