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God Rediscovered

Michelangelo's 4th fresco in the Cistine Chapel - God and Adam
Michelangelo's 4th fresco in the Cistine Chapel - God and Adam
Wikipedia - public domain

00-The God Formula Introduction
God Rediscovered
By Jim Moore

It seems that for thousands of years science and religion have been at war.
In medieval times, religion was king and ruled nations. But in Western Europe people increasingly saw the greed, cruelty and hypocrisy of their religious leaders. So-called civilized society plunged into Holy Wars and the Dark Ages. It took centuries to crawl to the light again.
When we did, we discovered a world in which science was blooming like wildflowers, and instead of placing our faith in power-mad popes and bishops, we placed it in (mad?) scientists - and in ourselves. We began to believe only in that which could be seen, heard, touched or measured.
That carried us through to the present, as we are discovering that science, too, is a lying lady full of deceptions, greed and a lust for power behind those alluring eyes.
In many areas of the world, the altars of technology and Western science is being discarded as there is a return to religion, but with a vengeance as exhibited by the Muslim revolution and even the rise of a Religious Right/Left in the United States which has no tolerance for any views but its own.
What is left for those of us who believe in a higher power, but not that of a bloodthirsty al-Qaeda in the East or it's Religious Right/Left mirror image in the West?
Are we left to a world in which the Good Samaritan beheads the fallen traveler and kicks the body into the ditch because they do not share the same faith?
Are we left in a corporate Religious Right world in which "free enterprise" is the new god with its goal being to control and enslave those who are not fellow members of the elite Billionaire's Club? A world in which the poor are encouraged to starve and die? Or will it be a Religious Left world controlled by homosexuals and child molesters and enforced euthenasia?
If so, then we must abandon calling ourselves Christian, for we have twisted and perverted everything the Carpenter from Nazareth taught. Even Hitler proclaimed his devout Christianity as he slaughtered Jews by the millions - sadly, in the name of a God which Hitler claimed wanted only the purest of humankind to live, none of which were Jews.
Today we live in a rudderless world in which extremists fight over the carcass of society. Most of us stand or sit at the sidelines of this war, stunned, confused, without direction or guidance or leadership. Most of us do not share the views of either extreme, yet we are numb and don't know what to do to save even ourselves.
What you will read in this series of articles will enrage the extremists of both science and religion as they fight for total and exclusive control of the hearts, minds and souls of humankind.
Writing this is something I've known I must do for years now, but like Moses or Jonah I have been afraid and turned away from what may be my main purpose for being born. The time wasn't right. The words weren't right. I questioned even the legitimacy of the discoveries and revelations themselves, though I could find no better explanations.
I sincerely believe, and I think the evidence itself will bear me out, that science and religion are two sides of the same coin, like Yin and Yang, and should be working to confirm the other, not destroy the other. True, each should exercise some checks and balances against the other to keep both honest and as pure as possible.
Our Creator gave us the intellect, the curiosity, the motivation and the tools of science so that we could better understand the cosmos and our place in it. Our Creator also gave us the gift of faith to inspire us and calm us when science can not yet find all the answers, leaving dark, scary shadows and boogeymen hiding under our beds - what we call the supernatural, what we fear.
But the day came, July 13, 2014, when I finally began to lay pen to paper and share what I have stumbled across in my own journeys through life.
My hope is to contribute in some small way to the reconciliation of religion and science.
We need to remember that religion is not the same as spirituality. Religion is a man-made corporate creation based on huge, expensive and impressive cathedrals and on money in the collection plate and power in the pulpit. Otherwise, priests and preachers would not be sexually abusing children.
Likewise, science began as a noble exploration but was soon taken over by the militant and powerful elite who sought to control science as a means of waging warfare, of controlling food and water and health, extorting mass obedience from the non-elite. There is the story told about Albert Einstein, who was blackmailed into obedience because of his political views. Forced into virtual slavery to develop the atomic bomb at Oak Ridge Laboratories, one day he snapped in protest, tearing his clothes off, pulling out his hair and fleeing naked into the woods.
It has been science that has given us chemical, biological and nuclear warfare and terrorism, weather control, mind control, and the horrors of Hitler's Nazi medical experiments which were then wrapped up and secreted to the U.S. under Operation Paperclip where they continued to flourish with taxpayer money. Not too long ago, according to top secret Defense Intelligence Agency documents, our "science" advanced to embrace "access and control of the soul" itself.
Enough is enough!
The Creator, by whatever name you wish to give that Supreme Being, gave us the tools to protect ourselves and the ability to discover and use them. So far it seems that only the Dark Side has taken advantage of that opportunity.
Fire is available to all. It can warm or it can destroy.
The rains fall upon all, good and evil. But it seems that only the forces of darkness have chosen to control the rains to enforce their own evil political and spiritual agendas.
We, like Hitler's Jews, have sat by silently as the Forces of Darkness have gradually disarmed us, stripped us of our dignity and our self-defenses, while those in control reassure us with their smug smiles that everything will be okay.
Meanwhile we keep stepping ever closer to that dark abyss that will hypnotize and destroy our very souls, like lemmings lured to our own self-destruction.
For some years I have wondered, why did God not simply destroy Lucifer once and for all, for all eternity, so we wouldn't have to keep confronting the evil that exists within us and without? Why ban him to the fiery lake for just a thousand years? Why not vaporize him forever?
But it dawned on me that God, being a forgiving God, would perhaps like nothing more than for Lucifer to repent, as God wishes us to repent and do right, and bring even Lucifer back into the heavenly fold. Could it be that humankind will be the catalyst God uses to make this happen? Could that be our special reason for being? I wonder.
This series of articles, or essays if you will, offers a possible rescue, a step back from the blackness. It offers us a rediscovery of God, a God that is the same as God has always been. But hopefully this provides you with a new pair of glasses so you can see God more clearly and sweep away the millennia of fuzz and dirt and grime that has been smeared on the lens of your old glasses, sometimes deliberately, sometimes not.
Copyright © 2014 by Jim Moore.

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