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God of War III Anticipation

This month it's March. Time for March Madness, St. Patrick's Day and Women's History Month. But perhaps the most anticipated, more important aspect this month (at least for gamers) is bringing with it, God of War II for the PS3.

For anyone that doesn't already know, the God of War series follows the story of Kratos, a fallen Spartan out to seek revenge for the death of his family and against the God's who were once on his side of 'righteousness.' God of War III looks to finalize the series in one gut pounding, neck wrenching Chaos Blades killing of a time.

God of War II will cap off where the previous game left off. And, as many avid gamers who have been following the game for sometime, it will certainly not disappoint. Since the playable demo, out since this past year's E3, fans of the series have been counting down the days towards its release. Many stories, reports and additional details have been revealed, as well as developer's comments in a recent interview.

God of War III is not just glitter and glam pumped up from it's previous counterparts. There have been significant changes and additions to the way the game looks, not just how it plays. Everything in the game is rendered as is, which means no pre-rendered ultra pretty looking cut-scenes and lower than average graphics in game. Everything will ultimately look ultra crisp through the game for a wholesome experience.

March 16 is the day to watch for the release of Krato's final battle. Hundreds of thousands have already played the demo for a mere taste of what's to come in the game and it looks like many have been pleased.

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