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God Loves Wedding Days

God loves wedding days because they are designed to be a picture of heaven on earth. Weddings were invented to be a foretaste of something far bigger than the bride and groom, far more than the cake and flowers. They were created to be a demonstration of who God is, the author of everlasting love.

A covenant is not a contract or a "feel good" transaction designed to get a whole bunch of wedding gifts. A marriage covenant is an ancient ceremony, a solemn act, a sacred vow. It is a binding of two lives, the forging of two destinies for a common purpose. It is the most holy, most sacred and most celebrated act a human being can make. A marriage covenant defines your life, your behavior and all your future decisions from the moment you say "I do".

A wedding is not about the dress or the tux, the rings or even about the bride or the groom. It is about the covenant exchange and our God who sanctifies. God intends every wedding to be reminder that we offer our entire lives undeniably to another, to become one with them and enjoy that fullness for a lifetime.

Someone in love wants more than just kisses, love notes and love songs. After a while, they want the sparkle of each of those fabulous things to be backed up with the sacred vow of covenant. It is this marriage covenant that so many of us dream of - to be in harmony with one person who will share our joys and sorrows, one person who will bear witness as we move through the cycles of life.

Marriage is a noble choice of sharing life's beauty and hardship with another person. This choice is an act of faith. It is a choice to walk together regardless of future circumstances. It is having faith in the love you have for one another and that this love will be stronger than any doubt or disappointment. It is having faith that together you will both learn to love each other more through it all.

Many people would not dare to risk dreaming beyond the limits of their fears. However, many stand as witnesses to the belief that two people can emerge to commit forever to a life of love and devotion.

It is my wish for those many, that throughout your years together, you will return to your vows periodically as a way of finding inspiration during times of struggle and as a way of finding peace in knowing that this love that brought you together will be forever your strength and sustenance for the rest of your days.

To Your Success

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