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God Loves Uganda: A disturbing look at money-gathering soul-saving media whores

Hate, big time
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In Uganda, you can be imprisoned and even executed for being gay, so perhaps homosexual activists should slow down on their preening about marriage equality here in America, and look at just exactly what American Evangelicals are doing elsewhere.
Let's face it, the culture wars are all but over here stateside, but as Roger Ross Williams' new documentary, God Loves Uganda (First Run Features), the playing field has been viciously changed to the innocent, sometimes ravaged country of Uganda. The poster for the film tells it all: a very young black child staring at the camera with a combination of fear and distrust while the hand of a young white man encircles the top of the child's head in gesture that is at once protective and intrusive.
American Evangelicals, those money-gathering soul-saving media whores who skim and tithe the money of the American poor and gullible, have realized that their outrageous lies and hateful spewing has failed miserably at home. The virgin soul of Africa, however, is fresh for their picking, and here, with the help of Americans like possible presidential candidate Scott Lively, among many other preachers of hate, the media wars are much less expensive to fight, and easier to win.
The genius of this documentary is its pace and its honesty. The only screaming and hollering that goes on is on the Evangelicals' side. The quiet pride and dignity of Uganda's gay community is heartbreaking. Roger Ross Williams presents each side honestly and with as little judgmental weight as possible. The result is a harrowing, painful, yet just documentary. It's obvious that ultimately Evangelicals will loose and love will prevail, But at what cost and at what pain? It is works like this one which will speed along the process.

This review was supplied by staff member Stephen J. Finn.

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