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God loves Haiti and Pat Robertson, but that doesn't make Robertson right


Pat Robertson has done it again. While Britt Hume offered an example recently of how a Christian might serve as a positive example of living out the Christian faith, Robertson has made comments not only insensitive and poorly timed, but also that presume upon a knowledge of something that only God could know for sure regarding the current situation in Haiti. Robertson states that Haiti has been "cursed" for a "pact with the devil" in their past (AP).

Haiti is in the midst of a time of horrific conditions, and in desperate need of assistance from anyone able to help. While Christians certainly have an obligation to preach the Gospel to the whole world, including Haiti, Robertson's words are not entirely consistent with the Gospel, and certainly not helpful to the people of Haiti.

The Gospel is about God, and more specifically about what God has done to reconcile humanity into a right relationship with God. What stands between man and God according to the Bible is not a curse resulting from making any sort of pact with the devil. What stands between God and man is sin. According to scripture, every man is born guilty of sin, specifically the sin of unbelief: “whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God” (John 3:18). Robertson has sort of missed the point here, and neglected to offer the essential truth of the Gospel. Natural disasters and horrific occurrences like the one in Haiti plague mankind because of sin as a whole, not necessarily individual sins or any such curse that  Robertson claims knowledge of. The reality is that according to the Bible, all mankind have sinned and deserve no mercy, but only judgment. This means that if Fort Smith wakes up tomorrow and there is a sun, and air to breathe- God has been merciful!

Some quick and witty words were spoken via twitter today regarding Robertson's words, “God loves Haiti & Pat Robertson. Even tho both R natural disasters” (@darrinpatrick). Seriously, especially for those living in Fort Smith, with the threat of tornados ever looming... When natural disasters strike, how should people respond? Should God be questioned as to why this happened? Again, disaster happens because mankind is a disaster! According to the Bible, all that man deserves is judgment. Anytime disaster strikes should be a painful reminder and recognition that man is sinful and lives in a sinful and fallen world, and falling before God in humble submission and begging for mercy would be a right response- certainly better than falling into the hands of an angry God!

The sinfulness of mankind has brought about a fallen world, and as long as man exists in a fallen state- so will these disasters. Instead of blaming anyone in particular (including God), presuming special knowledge regarding God's judgment, or pointing a finger- people everywhere should respond to the disaster in Haiti, or a disaster in Fort Smith, or wherever- in prayer, in giving (aid, time, and other resources),and people of faith should preach the Gospel yes- but let God be the judge.

If you are seeking a place to give, pleas do, but be careful- there are a lot of scams out there (especially beware of requests to send via text messaging). Here are a few safe, reliable, and Gospel oriented sites:


  • Johnnie Ganey 5 years ago

    "Preach it brother!" I agree whole-heartedly with your point of view. May Christians now take this opportunity to be the hands, feet and heart of Jesus - no condemnation!!!

  • Sean-David J McGoran 5 years ago

    Thanks Johnnie!

  • Larry Stevens 5 years ago

    I knew when I heard of Pat Robertson's comments that they were not right, they were not of the truth. You explained it well and I agree. I would hate to see the curse that I deserve, a sinner!

  • Jenna McGoran 5 years ago

    Disaster happens because man kind is a disaster. Amen. What has touched me is the quick response of Christians in aiding relief! My thought today was, what would the world do with out Christians! I just wonder how many non-Christian organizations are out there doing disaster relief besides the Red Cross. And is the Red Cross there in Haiti now? I don't know. My heart aches for the people of Haiti. I'm SO greatfull to be in God's amazing grace. I can pray. We who are in Christ should be praying for God to heal their land and be glorified in this situation.

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