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God loves Haiti and Pat Robertson, but that doesn't make Robertson right



  • Johnnie Ganey 6 years ago

    "Preach it brother!" I agree whole-heartedly with your point of view. May Christians now take this opportunity to be the hands, feet and heart of Jesus - no condemnation!!!

  • Sean-David J McGoran 6 years ago

    Thanks Johnnie!

  • Larry Stevens 6 years ago

    I knew when I heard of Pat Robertson's comments that they were not right, they were not of the truth. You explained it well and I agree. I would hate to see the curse that I deserve, a sinner!

  • Jenna McGoran 6 years ago

    Disaster happens because man kind is a disaster. Amen. What has touched me is the quick response of Christians in aiding relief! My thought today was, what would the world do with out Christians! I just wonder how many non-Christian organizations are out there doing disaster relief besides the Red Cross. And is the Red Cross there in Haiti now? I don't know. My heart aches for the people of Haiti. I'm SO greatfull to be in God's amazing grace. I can pray. We who are in Christ should be praying for God to heal their land and be glorified in this situation.

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