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'God loves gays' billboard goes up in WBC hometown

The WBC may have just met their match: God
The WBC may have just met their match: God
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Atheism news: The person behind the 'God' personality on Facebook has put up a special billboard in the hometown of the Westboro Baptist Church. The Huffington Post reported the details on Tuesday, and of course the news attracted a wide variety of responses. This all came to fruition after the amateur comedian crowd-funded the money needed to afford the massive billboard -- which reads "God Loves Gays" against a cheerful backdrop. The billboard is a loving and hilarious response to the often venomous behavior displayed by the WBC, but 'God' has alluded to the possibility of putting more billboards up beyond the state of Kansas.

The Facebook personality 'God' has always notoriously held feelings of contention against the Westboro Baptist Church, which now consists of fewer members since its founding father is deceased, and younger members keep leaving for "normal life" outside the stifling Calvinist church. Just two days ago he tweeted his feelings against the WBC's initial plans to protest the funeral of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams, who recently committed suicide. He said:

"New commandment: Thou shalt not picket at funerals."

The billboard campaign is being rejoiced by those who support marriage equality and equal rights for gay persons, even people who are religious and take no offense at the satire personality of 'God' being behind it. However, there are some who are offended at the fact that the Facebook 'God' is actually an atheist who makes fun of the Christian religion as well as other creationist religions. His entire existence as a persona is done in mocking, albeit in a lighthearted and hilarious way. Regardless of the blasphemy involved in this persona, it's interesting to note that he was able to raise upwards of $40,000 to be able to afford this billboard response to the Westboro Baptist Church's bigotry.