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God is...

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Saying “God is love” is true, but it also paints a very narrow view of who God is. If I ran around introducing myself to everyone and all I said was that I’m right-handed, anyone who met me wouldn’t know me very well. The phrase “God is…” appears numerous times in the Bible. “God is love” happens to be the last one, and the one most people remember.

God in the Old Testament tends to be characterized as the God of wrath and in the New Testament as the God of love. Some contemporary atheist crusaders make a living by pointing to the Old Testament God as proof that religion is evil while ignoring everything that comes after. It’s important that we read all of scripture to get a better picture of Him. We are told that God never changes – the same yesterday, today, and forever.

So what is God? According the Bible, God is:

...a consuming fire
...gracious and compassionate
...exalted in power
...a righteous judge rock
...king of all the earth
...our refuge
...the strength of my heart
...a sun and shield
...greatly feared
...holy salvation
...sharper than a two-edge sword


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