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God heals, but what are you doing?

I was led by God to write this article, because I have encountered many people that are upset with God because, as they put it, “God has not blessed them.” I have also encountered other people who are downright indignant because God did not heal their relatives and they passed away from a disease. When I encounter these people at times it is always difficult to talk with them, because they have harden their hearts to such a degree that they refuse to hear truth.

The truth is whether we believe in God or not, His will, will be done in our lives period. Just because one chooses not to believe in God does not make Him irrelevant or nonexistent. Maybe in one’s mind it does, but not in reality. Secondly, when we are praying to God for healing, that is more than just a one fold request, there are multiple layers to that prayer, along with responsibilities of our own. We must be sure that we are hearing the total answer to our prayers and not just the we are delivered part. Lastly God will speak to you all throughout your trials, you have to be careful to hear His direction, and follow them.

God has healed my mind, body, and soul multiple times over. I have lost a child, I have been divorced, I have been healed from cancer, physical, mental, and emotional abuse, and so many other things that I thank God I can’t remember. With every healing their came freedom, and elevation. There was something that I had to do, in order to reach my complete deliverance. Don’t believe, Read

John 5: 1-9 the story of the blind man, Jesus told him to rise take up his bed and walk.

Luke: 8:43:48: She had to touch the hem of His garment.

Mark: 2: 2:12: Four friends tore a hole in a roof, just to lower their paralyzed friend down for Jesus to heal him.

These are all action words! This people had to do something in order to get their blessing. What if they would have just sat there and did nothing? The issue with people is that they want the blessing, but what about the responsibility. Each time that you are delivered, there is something that YOU need to change. The first thing this realization calls you too is repentance. Our sins are what keep us bound from the truth and our blessings. I speak from experience, Yes God, has healed my cancer, but I have also changed my lifestyle to continue walking in the blessing that He has given me. Repentance is a part of my daily prayer, I don’t always get it right, but I need God’s forgiveness and mercy to get it right.

God is not a microwave, a fix-a-flat or a temporary fix, He is the real deal, and God does not half do anything. Nor does He allow His name to be mocked, everything works for God’s glory even your deliverance, so if you are asking for it, you need to be serious about the responsibility that it carries for you.

All is written in love and hope that you too will begin walking into your blessings.

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