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God has it all wrong on.......everything

According to God's creation, God has the wrong answer on every test issue.
According to God's creation, God has the wrong answer on every test issue.

Jesus is not the only way, there is no such thing as heaven or hell, and there really is no such thing as sin…only misinformed choices. And this new theology is what is coming out of some renegade churches claiming Christianity.

There is a new worldly morality evolving, or more like dissolving, the fabric of society which could well signal the end of Judeo-Christian western standards that used to be the foundation of our social structure. Even the church is beginning to reflect the consequences of suspect practices melting away standards of right or wrong.

Which brings one to an inescapable issue…just who is really wrong?; and the answer coming back is God has it wrong according to forces that oppose anything that can be attributed to the Almighty.

It really does not matter what category is under discussion because you have rebellion against God’s authority on anything. The only thing for certain is the forces of darkness will reject the standards for goodness in favor of embracing evil. Of course the issue of good and evil is relative and another thing God is incorrect. There really is no such thing as good or evil according to the new world morality.

Society in general has already discarded what God has to say, but what is a fascinating subject involves the churches that are allegedly set apart to be sanctified from the world. An astounding number of denominations claiming Christianity are adapting to the worldview of God which denies God’s infallibility. The great falling away by the apostasy disclosed in the Bible is happening.

Marriage is a microcosm of God’s failure according to man. God’s institutional idea of marriage has been obliterated by the new normal. Having the best environment for raising children is something God has wrong although behavioral science statistics backs up God’s concept of the best family structure to raise children. God just is not tolerant and inclusive enough.

God’s family unit is irrelevant in the new family structure as single adults and unmarried couples dominate child rearing. Add divorce as a variable and you have God’s traditional family limping along a distant fourth place.

Having an occupation, getting married, and then having children is the ancient way of doing things. The more updated process is having children, maybe live together, and pretend you are married. God is just too inflexible with His method.

God’s sexual standards are way outdated and out of step with the new morality. The Bible claiming that physical and mental harm would result from fornication or adultery is clearly an exaggeration. Should we bother going down the road of pornography and other acts of sexual exploitation?

What we need is an update to God’s Ten Commandments since there is no such thing as stealing, but only borrowing without an intention to bring back. Stealing sounds too harsh and judgmental

Honoring your mother and father? Why should one do that when nobody asked to be born? God has it backwards. It is the children that should be honored since they hold the burden of carrying on the family name and legacy.

Keeping the Sabbath? Are you kidding me? Sunday is the only day off one has after slaving all week. One needs to relax and enjoy a leisure day off without being bothered about going to church. Besides, my favorite team is playing.

There is zero evidence that anything exists beyond what we see, hear, feel, or taste. Anything we can visualize is strictly a random chance of complexity springing from chaos and simplicity. There is no way God’s narrative of Creation could have happened according to Genesis. How could existence spring forth from “Let there be light?”

No matter what the subject, according to the doubters, skeptics, and unbelievers God has it wrong.

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