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God has blessed America

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God Bless America

We live in a nation where those who live at the lowest income levels are better off than three-fourths of the world. Most of us are better off than 90% of the world.

We take running water and indoor plumbing for granted.

We never wonder if there will be food on the shelves at the grocery store. Sometimes we complain if they don’t have our favorite brand.

Air conditioning. ‘Nuff said.

Your heart and your dedication and your perseverance determine what you will do with your life. The government or your family status or caste or your tribe or your ethnicity does not.

We have challenges and struggles; yet we live in a country formed so we could pursue happiness.

The consent of the governed is more than theory here.

Everyone in our Armed Forces is a volunteer—everyone!

Too often we only see what’s wrong with our country. Wars, debt, crime, corruption, greed are part of a fallen world and we are not immune to them. We surely must contend with these and more.

But, I’m thinking that the USA is still the greatest place on earth.

I’m thinking that God has blessed America and all we need to do is open our eyes and realize the abundance we know every day.

As we consider the birth of our nation, let us say, “Thank you Lord for you have surely blessed these United States of America. Thank you that you have showered these blessings upon my nation and upon my family and my friends. Thank you!”

Let all of us respond by seeking God and his Kingdom with all of our hearts. Let us pray that our entire nation turns toward God!