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God Don't Play

Book cover pic courtesy of Black Expressions
Book cover pic courtesy of Black Expressions
Kensington Books 850 Third Ave. New York, NY 10022 ( September 01, 2006 )

The third installment in the God Don't series picks up with best friends Annette and Rhoda as grown women with husbands and children (they reconciled in the 2nd book, gotta buy it and read it). Annette has married her childhood friend PeeWee and now she's recieving mysterious letters and phone calls from a angry female who's threatening to ruin her life if she doesn't leave town. Unsure of what to do, because of her past man issues with trust, she turns to Rhoda for help.

This book's realtistic depicition of real life insecurities about love and marriage make it a real page turner and even though it reads more like a whodunnit, it still contains many of the same grey areas that made the made the first two such great reads. It also has a Q&A at the back of the book for group discussion (just like the first two). Readers won't be able to put it down until they read the very last page.

God Don't Play  is available for purchase at Black Expressions ,  and at the author's web site where the are links to other web sites where book can be purchased