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God desires our are 4 ways from Sacred Scripture

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With all this talk of Pro-Choice, and human rights, and progressivism, men and women have one thing which will never change. The God-given reality of free will, and the gift of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Maturity, true maturity, is the man and the woman who receives God's grace as a Loving gift, and chooses for the good--good as revealed by God, and good which is the best for the other person, for the common good, for Truth and Justice. Immaturity, however, either denies God's Revelation (and the associated morality/responsibility) or chooses for evil in what is comfy, convenient, expedient for success and acceptance, or what harms their enemies--like a spiteful little child.

Grace is always there, and our choice is always in front of us.

Here are 4 Scriptural hints to sound Christian maturity.

"If you choose you can keep the commandments, they will save you; if you trust in God, you too shall live...No one does he command to act unjustly, to none does he give license to sin." Sirach 15:15-20

God graces everyone to goodness. The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus was not for naught! God is Almighty as Savior. But God never forces anyone since 'God is Love.' God, however, as Prodigal Father, never gives up on his runaway children--He will meet them (us) anywhere and anytime to save them. All they have to do is ask (pray)! Mercy is such a powerful truth.

Yet, way #1 reveals: there are no excuses for sin; yet, there is always the grace to repent.

"Be good to your servant, that I may live and keep your words. Open my eyes, that I may consider the wonders of your law." Psalm 119:1-2, 4-5, 17-18, 33-34

Christian maturity takes hard work and dedication--dedication to the Way of Jesus. It is not child's play, but demands personal sacrifices, time dedicated to God in prayer and reflection, and a new perspective seeking Jesus in the poverty of others.

But a major obstacle to Christian maturity is the do-it-yourself-mentality. The very same mentality which inspired the Tower of Babel. Yes, we must cooperate with grace. But the glorious results of sainthood are the work of the Almighty. Not of our puny hands. This is way #2.

"We speak a wisdom to those who are mature, not a wisdom of this age, nor of the rulers of this age who are passing away. Rather, we speak God’s wisdom...For the Spirit scrutinizes everything, even the depths of God." 1 Corinthians 2:6-10

Christian maturity is not a product of worldly pop-psychology. It is not a product of ideologies and philosophies with a very short shelf life. It is the product of the working of the Holy Spirit within us! It is the result of our accepting Sacred Scripture (and the teaching of the Church) as the word of our Loving Father and as the guidance of our beloved Mother.

Way #3 reveals the Life of Jesus Christ (to include His Cross) as not only the way to our salvation (our destiny), but the mature path (the means) we must follow to get there.

"Jesus said to his disciples: 'Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.'" Matthew 5:17-37

What does a Christian look like?

They look like people who obey the commandments.

Yet, hypocrites look like this too, isn't this true? Yes. That is why Jesus seeks our inner transformation (as mature saints) in an observance of the Commandments, not out of outer conformity for personal reasons, but in an inner observance--manifest on the outside--which flows from Love for our Merciful God, and from a mature understanding that Jesus is found in those all around us.

Way #4 reveals obedience, not as slavery, but as freedom which springs from Love!