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God created the world in six days; took thousands of years to fix Adam's sin

There is no playbook that details the consequences of sin.
There is no playbook that details the consequences of sin.

Discussion regarding what God does or does not do usually takes on twists and turns that can easily create the height in human emotions both positively and negatively. Through human history according to the Bible, God displays many characteristics through God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Creation alone can instigate debate between those that take the Bible literally and those that figuratively interpret what God was trying to say as though the Almighty lacked communication skills. The literal interpretation should be applied first.

Purists take the literal six days for Creation while those looking to inject a measure of the Big Bang where 14.7 billion years is thought to be the age of the universe. All types of gymnastics are done with verbiage from the gap theory to extending the time frame of the six Creation days to the scripture verse of “a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day with the Lord”. Whatever works to increase the Creation 6-day period is done, because after all, God could not have created everything in six days.

Nobody knows the awesome power and capability of a God without limits. Once the dominion of Earth was handed off to Adam, God put restraints upon Himself by His word and gave Adam complete authority on Earth. Proof of this authority is in Adam’s responsibility to naming the creatures of the field or fowls of the air.

Once sin destroyed the relationship between God and man through Adam, thousands of years elapsed before the sacrifice by Christ repaired that breech. Many question God’s power and authority about waiting so long before having Christ die for our sins. There are critical issues to consider regarding God stepping in and quickly administering correction as helicopter parents do.

1) God does not violate His word

God is a covenant God who does not go back on His word, not for our convenience but more importantly not for His convenience. The attribute of staying the same with no vacillation when circumstances constantly do with humans, attitudes and opinions shift, and most importantly when our flawed character breaks our word, God still keeps His word.

2) God does not violate free will

In one of the most sparkling displays of absolute love regarding God’s character, God does not interfere with His human creation’s ability to make their own decisions. God does not force anybody to listen to Him or to do anything. As free moral agents each individual has the ability to create or destroy, love or hate, and to unleash consequences with or without knowledge. A devastating reality is revealed in Hosea 4:6 when God practically laments, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

The impact of the spoken word for each person is also declared in Proverbs 18:21 which ominously warns, “death and life are in the power of the tongue”. That course can be magnificent or deadly.

3) God allows sin to run its course

Little understanding exists when the effects of sin are manifested due to rebellion against God’s authority. Rebellion is not a bastard with cause and effect as many other things springs forth as a result of this rebellion. Unfairness, injustice, and a myriad of other maladies help to manufacture a darkness that takes on a life of its own. It is the spirits of darkness’ Disneyland which gives authority and ability to evil’s power.

King David was not isolated from the impact of sin even though David was declared by God as a “man after His own heart”. God forgave David after he showed repentance, but the consequences of David’s sin were allowed to play out. “The sword will not leave your household” declaration left a devastating impact not only on David’s family, but David himself while the nation of Israel suffered from the impact of the seeds sown to David’s actions.

4) God does not operate illegally on Earth

This is rarely addressed if at all. People envision God as this gigantic cosmic bell hop there to do the bidding of whatever is stipulated, whether on God’s own initiative or by human request. This cannot be done by God, not because He lacks the ability, but due to the three above examples of one through three.

What does one suppose Lucifer was doing in the Garden of Eden, or as Lucifer was presenting himself to God with the sons of God as reported in Job? What were those rebellious angels doing that interfered and left their first estate? All were operating illegally on Earth, thus judgment was dispensed to those angels and Lucifer.

God would be no better than those angels or Lucifer if He interfered in human events illegally. God works through people, and if He has to wait a millennium, God waits a millennium. God allowed His plan of salvation to unfold without ANY interference from Him. That’s why it took thousands years to fix what Adam unleashed.

God even now works through what Jesus did as our only human representative thanks to the absolute submission and agreement to God’s will through a young teenage girl named Mary. Jesus said all power and authority has been “given” unto Me. Jesus now sits as our High Priest making intercession on our behalf. There is a reason why Jesus set the standard of doing works or petitions “in His Name”. It gives authority for God to operate.

If it is according to God’s will and does not violate God’s word, if it does not violate free will, if it is not a consequence to sin, and if it is done in Jesus’ Name, then the petition will happen.

However the blood of Christ can perform miracles through the transformation of the spirit and the removal of judgment.

Even the angels in heaven are in wonderment at this transaction.

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