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GOD COMPLEX: ARTEMIS, an independent film on the rise

Cast and crew during principle photography of God Complex Artemis
Cast and crew during principle photography of God Complex Artemis
55 Mile Entertainment and respective owners

If you enjoyed the robust, flighty, kick-butt action and alleged romance of Xena and her trusty blond sidekick Gabrielle from the cult TV classic XENA: Warrior Princess—starring Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor—then you will enjoy God Complex: Artemis. The feature (in production) is an action-adventure comedy that brings a new twist in the tale of the Greek gods.

Tara Chadwick and Wendy Woody of 55 Mile Entertainment
Ausxip / Ross Olmos

About the movie:
Casey opens an ancient artifact given to her by a mysterious woman and is tossed into a world of extraordinary power, vengeful queens, and some not-so-godlike new neighbors. Will the combination of otherworldly powers and earthly emotions prove too much to handle to gain free rent?

Based on the trailer, the comedic timing and synergy between the cast and crew of God Complex: Artemis is seamless. It has a touch of…well you know…it has uh…gee wiz, it’s pretty hard to explain. Your best bet is to take a gander at the trailer>>RIGHT HERE<

With engaging and snappy dialogue, the well-produced indie created by Wendy Wood and Tara Chadwick will definitely engage you in their diabolical world of supernaturally charged tenants of the God Complex (a.k.a modern day Parthenon located in Los Angeles).

This spin on Greek mythology is nothing new for the crafty duo as they are regular contributors to the Annual Creation Xena Convention in Los Angeles. Their submissions include, “Inappropriate Stranger” and “Foes, Femmes & Djinns.”

Their most recent film was “Wicked: A Xena Musical”, widely praised by Xena fans including Rob Tapert himself, the creator of “Xena: Warrior Princess”. The DVD has been requested by fans all over the world.

However…all great productions need support. So why don’t hop on over to 55 Mile Entertainment website, ( and check out Tara and Wendy and their team. Show them some love by donating to their cause. They have been working hard to bring this project to completion, including rewrites and recently acquired a surprise guest actor to portray Hera in their movie. Seriously kiddos, if that’s not enough god-like behavior to stroke that curiosity vein, then WHAT WILL?

God Complex: Artemis recently wrapped filming in Los Angeles, so keep a lookout for more updates on their website!

Join the facebook page for Artemis: God Complex: Artemis

By the way if you need a Xena fix check out Xena Museum, the largest collection of Xena props and wardrobe!

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