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God Bless Navy Seal Team 6

Pulitzer Prize-winning AJC political cartoonist Mike Luckovich on the Osama bin Laden kill
Pulitzer Prize-winning AJC political cartoonist Mike Luckovich on the Osama bin Laden kill
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

As the free world heaves a collective sigh of relief over the extermination of public enemy number one in the War on Terror, another shout-out is in order to the brave, intrepid souls on the front lines of that daring mission.

New York Times just profiled the Navy Seal Team 6, already citing a retrospective describing:

America’s Jedi knights: the elite of the elite, an all-star team of commandos, 'tier one' special operations warriors given mission-impossible assignments in the most dangerous parts of the planet. A week ago, when Seal Team 6 took out … Osama bin Laden, Jon Stewart hailed its members as real-life 'X-Men,' ABC compared them to Superman, and Newsweek described them as 'the coolest guys in the world,' working 'anonymously and without public recognition.'

The Times goes into Team 6's rigorous training and discipline, citing examples of their other harrowing detail. This reached a coup de grace in the victorious mission to vanquish bin Laden.

The credit for this daring mission also goes to the top. President Obama deserves credit for authorizing the kill, and conducting the mission in a way that allowed the Seals to collect a “treasure trove” of Intel from the Pakistani compound where the al Qaeda leader was hiding. Former President George W. Bush deserves credit for the policies put in place which led up to this mission.

While the killing of bin Laden is certainly a silver lining, the cloud is at least two-fold:

  1. The Obama administration still has not committed to dropping efforts to prosecute CIA agents who, as former Vice President Dick Cheney cited, kept "us safe for seven and a half years."
  2. Bin Laden’s death does not end the War on Terror.

Cheney praised Obama’s success killing bin Laden, but called it “an outrage” for him to continue prosecuting our interrogators. “These men deserve to be decorated. They don’t deserve to be prosecuted,” Cheney said.

Especially ironic is the left’s zealous preoccupation with enhanced interrogation techniques such as water-boarding, and this demand to see our own national security agents punished for making our safety their top priority. CNN’s Jack Cafferty reported, “Leon Panetta, head of the CIA, said earlier this week that intelligence collected from detainees who were water-boarded provided clues that helped the U.S. track down Osama bin Laden."

In a special “60 Minutes” interview on the bin Laden kill mission, President Obama repeatedly praised our intelligence operatives for piecing together slivers of information to devise the plan they did. He must see this glaring hypocrisy: Great job guys! Now the court finds you guilty of playing too rough with the Jihadists.

Our Navy Seals and other select members of the U.S. Armed Forces were water-boarded as part of their training, yet the bleeding hearts fretting over terrorists' civil rights weren’t bothered by that.

Here’s hoping Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department will drop this asinine probe.

With the War on Terror far from over, at least we can have the peace of mind knowing brave souls like the Team 6 are on our side, willing to fight the good fight. (2 Timothy 4:7)

I dedicate this, my utmost gratitude and respect to the United States military, our warriors of the 21st century.


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