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God Bless Brett Favre!!

O.K. So, I am obligated as a Christian Perspectives Examiner to include a spiritual perspective in my story. That being said, here is my Christian perspective for this story... ready?

God bless Brett Favre!! 

Today at the Minnesota Vikings training facility in Winter Park, the 2010-2011 N.F.L. season officially began with the announcement from Brett Favre that he will play in his 20th season for the Vikings. Anticipation has run rampant throughout the league for weeks on whether Favre would return or stay in Hattiesburg on his ranch. Now that the trigger has been pulled, we can officially begin our 6 month love affair with professional football.

No longer are the players, coaches and fans being held hostage by the 40 year old future hall of famer. To Brett's credit he said "I thank the good Lord for the talent and ability to play", so it's nice to know he believes in God. He'll need some help this year as the Vikings have a brutal schedule and a hastily improving divisional rival in the Green Bay Packers. 

So rejoice fellow football fanatics! Our favorite time of year is here to cheer, scream and dream for our favorite team!

Rev. Robbie


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