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God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home!

The American Revolution was the war to end England's rule over the colonies. My forefather's, your forefather's fought to bring about and ensure the new America's independence from a king they considered to be tyrannical. The new America fought hard and many lives, on all sides, were lost to create this wonderful new country now known as the United States of America.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin were all part of this, as well as lesser known men whose names are also on the bottom of that Declaration of Independence. Great men all of them whether we know their names automatically or not. They are the brave who stood up for what they believed in knowing if they lost the war, they would be tried and killed for treason. What bravery and heroism they all brought to the war. How great it is to know this is our country’s history.

Despite all of the controversy and nay-saying about what is happening here today we still have much to be grateful for. Where else in this world can you say things, good or bad, about your government and country and still be alive the next day? Where else in this world can you get down on your knees and pray to the God of your choice? Where else in this world do you still have the right to own a gun? Where else are these allowed? Think long and hard about these questions and be very thankful.

So today I want you to stop. Stop attacking others. Stop blaming others. Just Stop. If just for today, stop and remember what it took, and what it still takes, to make this country the greatest country in the world. Shout it out for all to hear…God Bless America! My Home Sweet Home!

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