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God as political adviser (Christian Dominion)

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"In this country we do not count heads before enforcing the first amendment. To the extent this is a Christian nation, we are also an Islamic nation, a Buddhist nation, a spider-man nation, an atheist nation, and agnostic nation, and that's what makes America beautiful; that we don't judge your values, anyone's values, through the prism of what particular faith you adhere to." - Sandra Day O Connor

"I am back and I'm on a mission from god." - Tom De Lay

Whenever we hear someone in the public realm attribute their actions to a conversation with a mythical figure, why do we not consider that person schizophrenic? There's a long list of high profile personalities, often politicians using god as a proxy to connect with their constituencies. George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Rich Perry, Pat Robertson, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz have all heard messages from that political adviser in the sky.

Many have doubts concerning these one on one closed door conversations, and why is it god talks to some and not to others? Scott Lough, a local resident thinks he has an answer; "This is probably the bottom line....often times god simply becomes the internal self construct of how we individually want life and the world to be." Scott speaks from experience, having grown up in a fundamentalist Pentecostal church that exposes the doctrine of Christian dominion.

Tom Delay, former Texas Congressman and majority leader of the House of Representatives was speaking to a gathering of Tea Party Republicans and mentioned he was ordered by god to lead a Constitutional revival" to bring our laws in line with biblical principals.

In his book The Family, The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, author, Jeff Sharlet​ describes how conservative Christian politicians like Tom Delay are bent on incorporating their religious beliefs into theocratic legislation. The "Family" is a secret organization at the forefront of the Christian Dominion movement, based in Alexandria, Va. this group sponsors the annual National Prayer Breakfast, almost always attended by the President. It began in 1953 by Southern Baptist minister Billy Graham. Events like these are venues for government officials and business interests to help each other out and to promote biblical capitalism, military might and American empire.

Dominion followers practice Christian nationalism, believing the United States once was and should be a Christian nation, thereby nullifying the founders ties to the Enlightenment and their preference of a secular Constitution, the promotion of religious supremacy by not respecting the equality of other religions or other versions of Christianity. During the election of JFK, the Reverend Martin Luther King Sr. along with others refused to vote for Kennedy because of his Catholicism, now we have six Catholics and three Jews on the Supreme Court.

Groups like the "Family" understand that in order to achieve it's goals they must have power, which is held by elected officials. Here is a list of a few; Sens. Sam Brownback, Kansas (R) Jim DeMint,, S.C. (R) Pete Dominici, N.M. (R) Chuck Grassley, Iowa (R) James Inhofe, Oklahoma (R) John Ensign, Wyoming (R) Bill Nelson, Fla. (D) Mark Pryor, Ark. (D) Reps. Joe Pitts, Pa. (D) Frank Wolf, Va. Zack Wamp, Tenn. (R) and Mike McIntyre, N.C. (R) who stated; "The Ten Commandments are the fundamental code for the laws of the United States and should be displayed in schools and courthouses."

"I recall the incident of the House stenographer who left House members stunned by her unnerving outburst during the recent shutdown vote, and later claimed she was "moved by the holy spirit" The idea that one of these deluded politicians could go over the edge into meltdown mode is very frightening, and also very real, and as they make their presence known, they are becoming more and more emboldened by their sheer numbers. Upon some bizarre "urging of the holy spirit" any of these spokespersons for god could become action figures. It's just a matter of time." - Jada Stone

Religion, and more specifically a belief in a god is basically a form of tribalism and why should we let our citizens follow laws based on a particular one, be it Christianity, Muslim , Jewish, or any other. Traditional religion does one thing quite well, it divides us. Keeping our faith private and away from the law making process recognizes the pluralistic society we have and lets us concentrate on things that unite us. Those things have, and always will be universal. Contrary to what some religious zealots say, the United States is not broken and in need of a biblical tuneup.

"Ideologies, both earthly and celestial poison everything, but none are as toxic as the celestial ideologies." - Ximena Luciane Ruiz Benevides



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