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God and the Baltimore Sinkhole

Actually it’s faith and grit that will get folks in a neighborhood near Charles Village in Baltimore City through the next month and beyond. That will be the role of God. Or Buddha. Or Vishnu.

After almost 24 hours of blinding rain last Wednesday, Baltimore was soaked to the bone. In mid afternoon, a sinkhole opened up in a nice, residential area. No one was hurt, but as folks watched, a dozen cars were sucked down into the ravine.

Currently approximately 40 residents have been evacuated from their homes and must find another place to live for a month or so.

The relentless downpour was not God crying because gay folks want to marry. It is part of a pattern of extreme weather that is a result of climate change or global warming or whatever semantics you choose. The end result: horrific assaults from Mother Nature.

In conjunction, the folks elected to government who hate government don’t want to fix and upgrade and expand our outdated and frankly dangerous infrastructure.

Climate change be damned, all that rain should not have turned a quiet street into a gaping maw chowing down on cars.

This country is being held hostage by a group of folks who despise government, disregard science and use Jesus and the Bible as a blanket excuse for hate and cruelty. And not doing their job.

You think this column is wrong? Ask Michele Bachmann her thoughts about bad weather. Or any of her ilk.

Poll the Republican caucus about shifting more money for additional tax cuts from the uber wealthy and use the funds for crucial repairs. You can hear the Koch Brothers screaming from here.

The President had proposed comprehensive jobs legislation- some of which addressed the sagging bridges and roads that crisscross the country.

Folks could be working and putting their money right back into the local economy.

Bonus, the bridge would not collapse as a bus full of nuns, penguins and children rumble across it.

The only thing missing from this pile of stupid is the droning of guns being shot off in “defense” of the Second Amendment.

We must address extreme weather and the broken down infrastructure before it is too late.

God willing.

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