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God always prepares us for his mission for us, teaches Pope

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In his daily homily today in the chapel of the St. Martha House, Pope Francis reminded the congregation that the Lord will always prepare each of us for the mission that he has set out for us. “When the Lord wants to give us a mission, wants to give us a task, He prepares us. He prepares us to do it well, as he prepared Elijah,” the Holy Father explained, “the most important part of this…is the whole journey by which we arrive at the mission the Lord entrusts to us.” Sometimes we can one moment act as courageous servants of God, the Holy Father said, but may later become frightened or depressed. The Holy Father explained how the prophet Elijah went searching for the Lord, and finding him in the "still small voice."

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“The Lord was not in the wind, the earthquake, the fire, but in that whisper of a light breeze, in the peace, or, as the original says, – the true original, a beautiful expression – it says: 'The Lord was in a thread of silent sound,'” the Pope explained. Elijah "knew how to discern where the Lord was, the Lord prepared him with a gift of discernment. The Lord prepares the soul, prepares the heart, and He prepares it in trial, He prepares it in obedience, He prepares it in perseverance.”

“And this is the difference between the apostolic mission given us by the Lord, and a common task: 'Ah, you have to complete this task, you have to do this or that…' a human duty, honest, good…But when the Lord gives a mission, he always has us enter into a process, a process of purification, a process of discernment, a process of obedience, a process of prayer,” the Pope explained. Being faithful to the Lord means "allowing ourselves to be led by the Lord," just as Elijah was, the Pope said.

“We see this: he walks, obeys, suffers, discerns, prays… he finds the Lord,” the Pope concluded, praying that the Lord give each of us “the grace to allow ourselves to prepare every day the way of our life, so that we can bear witness to the salvation of Jesus.”