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Goals! Questions to Evaluate Your Realtor!


Questions to Evaluate Your Realtor!
Does the agent have specific goals to achieve?
Does the agent have a written marketing plan?
Does the agent have the ability to push through barriers and achieve results?
Does the agent have a weekly plan with benchmarks and review dates to keep you informed about their activities?
Does the agent support team have the resources and tools to keep you informed and in the loop?
Does the agent had a history of success and achievement in real estate sales, or will this be their first attempt?
Does the agent have the communications tools, and current technology. to meet your needs? 
Does the agent received phone calls after five in the evening and on the weekend?
In summary, do you feel that the agent has the overall skill sets and abilities, experience, knowledge, and trustworthiness to be your agent?
I hope these series of blogs will assist you in your selection of the top real estate agent to get your home sold. There are no shortcuts, just dedicated work. One final thought...
Would you trust the agent you have selected to take care of your home as if it were theirs?


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