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Goal setting leads to being prepared. A plan to get to your goal may involve many other plans and achievements, but in the end, you are setting up your expectations for what might be ahead. It starts with "futureing" and then goes from there.

One very successful executive makes a point of having a goal discussion at family dinners. Each person reports what they are working on and their progress. Family members can add suggestions or insights- within a culture of acceptance and constructive feedback.

The executive's own goals and progress related to the family, and sometimes even progress towards work goals, are also up for discussion. This can create a certain amount of anxiety when those particular goals may lead to moving. Other goals in the family may need adjustment. It might be helpful to look at the difficult goal setting for potential olympic athletes where the center for training success may be a long way from home or when competitions require extensive travel. This leads to family goals needing to be shared so pluses and minuses of one person's decision can be evaluated towards the needs of another.

This technique, aside from leading to a lot of discussion, also encourages the development of approaches and abilities that are often not taught in schools, but which enable maximum achievement.

Goals frequently change or the perceived steps to fulfill them. With experience in goal setting and monitoring, it is much easier to accommodate to whatever life sends your way.

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