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Goal-setting for beginners

The first of the year is such an exciting time for us all. Many of us view this as a time to kick nasty habits, create new, healthier ones, and accomplish what we planned to accomplish last year, but couldn't find the time or drive to do it. When it comes to making healthy goals this year, consider changing the way you view them. If your goal is to lose a few pounds, find a routine that is not only effective, but actually do-able.

The number one reason we fail at our resolutions is lack of commitment. Ever notice those guys at the gym who rush in on Jan. 1 to begin a membership, and are all pumped up and ready to go, but don't make it past week two?

Chances are, the plan was good and brought excitement to them, but the willpower has long left the building. The only way to maintain a healthy nutrition and fitness regimen this year is to train the mind to persevere. When goal-setting, consider these things:

  • Fad diets are called "fad" for a reason. They do not last and are not meant to work forever!
  • Having support is important. Whether it be a spouse, friend, or coach, having accountability is helpful.
  • Everyone has to begin somewhere, no matter how many pounds you have to lose or gain to achieve success.
  • Restricting diets will push you back and tempt you to take a step back.

If 2014 is your year to shine, it's time to plan for it right now. If you have never stepped foot into a gym, now is the time to look into options and memberships. Trainers and employees will gladly welcome newbies and are knowledgeable on how to start training by maintaining safety and in seeking particular results.

As for dieting, consider every time you eat to be a special moment, in which you have another opportunity to thank you body for accomplishing all you have ever worked for. When deciding how to eat, consider whether or not what you consume will provide nourishment or hurt your health.

This may seem simple, but most dieters overlook this concept and assume the latest fad diet in magazines that restricts carbs, fat, and protein will guide them the right way, while it really proves to be detrimental and disastrous to their health.

To put things simply, education and a little extra thought are the best ways to begin goal-setting. Baby steps are to be taken, and help is always available when in doubt. Do not wait for 2015 to roll around before embarking on a new-you journey. Evaluate where you are today, what you will do tomorrow, and how you will look, feel, and live a month from now. Change is inevitable, how will you summon it?

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