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Go to conventions for free

Waiting for a panel to start in the main hall of WonderCon 2013
Waiting for a panel to start in the main hall of WonderCon 2013
Saralyn WIlhelmi

For many of us getting into a convention can be very expensive but they don’t have to be. Here are two simple tips for getting into some of the best conventions around for free.

Volunteering for the convention

Some of the largest and most popular conventions in Los Angeles actually rely on volunteers to keep everything running smoothly. The amount of time varies but most pop culture conventions require volunteers to work only three or four hours and gives to a pass for the rest of the day. Volunteering can also give you behind the scenes access to the event or get you into the most sought out panels. Many conventions, like WonderCon only allow volunteer sign-up prior to the event so make sure to check their website early and often.

Volunteering for an artist

A lot of people go to a convention to see the celebrities or the artists that are being featured. This can be a great way to get into the convention because these people or groups sometimes need help. Try getting into contact with an artist or podcast that is or might be going to the convention and see if they need help. Many conventions will allow the artists and stores that rent booths to bring several “employees” with them to maintain their space. Most of them will be happy to have the free help and could exchange your time for a pass.