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Go to college where you feel both safe and welcome

Many colleges are so large today that they have fraternity and sorority housing, dormitories, apartments, groceries, cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues, faculty housing and many other elements of a self-contained small city on the campus, including large boulevards with traffic. And, like many locations, metropolis and village sized, cars, bicycles, and pedestrians sometimes mix a bit precariously to expedite efficient travel and commerce. All said, everyone on or around campus is supposed a good citizen. However, police and security may not receive these memos, often feign no understanding of historical social relations between law enforcement and many groups of people, and frequently behave as though their uniforms exclude them from civility and allow them to be bullies while precluding you from demonstrating any disdain for their mannerisms. In 2009 - "While I was led to believe that Gates was lawfully in the residence, I was quite surprised and confused with the behavior he exhibited toward me," Crowley wrote in his report. [a white policeman who questioned the right of a black Harvard professor to be in his own home] ( and this is 2014 – A black female professor is harassed, roughed up, body-slammed, and arrested for “j-walking” at night across an empty street on the Arizona State University campus and not sharing her ID. ASU administration in an attempt to avoid a liability claim reports that what you see on video is appropriate and acceptable campus security behavior. [

Many issues surrounding college life, such as sexual assault on campus, student-student bullying and racism, neighborhood and campus police mannerism, and the exaggerated manner in which the police will charge persons (the more charges the greater the required bail, often involving terms with which the police are not even familiar . . . . can you spell “t-u-m-u-l-t-u-o-u-s”) are not insignificant considerations in college selection. Do you or your child really want to go to school in locations at which you do not feel both safe and welcome? See how your schools in the Bay Area are doing.

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