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Go to a "Dance Party" with Sweden's Poppets: new vinyl release on FDH Records

The Poppets, FDH Records
Courtesy of FDH Records

Lina and Magnus have scored another win with their latest twelve-inch EP from FDH and P. Trash Records. The talented duo from Sweden released a whirlwind of records last year on such labels as Bachelor Records, Bubbledumb Records and Plastic Idol Records, garnering respect and admiration from distinguishing lovers of bright garage pop punk.

Currently in the midst of a US tour (they played LA on Sunday and are in San Franciso tonight), the band has a knack for composing offbeat, catchy lo-fi garage pop that will climb into your ears and stay there for days.

The eight songs on the EP jump out of the grooves with energy and good vibrations. Song titles like “Spit Out My Gum,” “Cherry on My Sunday” and “Break My Heart In Two” give you an idea of what you’re in store for.

This is the second of three recent 12” releases from Philadelphia’s FDH Records, which also include the mind-bendingly good Earthmen and Strangers debut LP and Mac Blackout’s dazzling synth-pop express ride to hell, “The Western Blue.” All three are well worth the price of admission and can be ordered directly from FDH Records.