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Go see the Sky Sox tonight

Sky Sox outfielder Matt Murton AP ElaineThompson
Sky Sox outfielder Matt Murton (AP ElaineThompson)

This is your last chance to see the Sky Sox before they go on the road for the remainder of the regular season. Although they may make the playoffs, today’s game is the last one at home during the regular season. So unless you have really good plans, go see the Sox before it’s too late.

Tonight’s game starts at 6:05pm and tickets can be bought at 719-591-SOXX,, or you can buy them at the box office before the game.

It should be a great game with the Sky Sox just two games ahead of Tacoma for the Pacific North division lead and a playoff berth. After that, the Sox go to Tacoma for a three game series which will round out the season. Therefore, winning this game is crucial for the Sox.

This should be a good one, so don’t forget your glove and camera.

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  • Lou 5 years ago

    Doesn't LOOK like my comment went, so sorry if this is a repeat: We need to get out there and root them on to victory and the play-offs!