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Go See: Bonnie and the Beard at 3 Kings Tavern on 12/17/10

Bonnie and the Beard
Bonnie and the Beard
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When the Denver music scene gets mentioned, it is hard not to get caught up in hearing about The Fray, 3Oh!3 and even the Flobots. While those bands do represent Denver, there are local acts that are quickly being recognized as bands to watch. One band in particular is Bonnie and the Beard.

Members Tony, Bonnie and Alex got their start by putting their own soundtrack to the old cowboy tales we all admire right here in Denver. Bonnie and the Beard combined rough, dirty rock with country folk to create their own style. Each member compliments the other perfectly, which after only one album, makes Bonnie and the Beard one of the most polished Denver bands.

Bonnie and the Beard have played several shows around Denver and if you haven’t seen them yet, you should go see them this weekend. Bonnie and the Beard will be opening for Chad Price at 3 Kings Tavern in South Denver on Friday December 17, 2010. With their rustic tunes of cowboy wonder, Bonnie and the Beard is not to be missed. Go see why on Friday and pick up their album while you’re at it.

Visit Bonnie and the Beard and 3 Kings Tavern for more information.