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Go outside!

Go Outside!
Go Outside!

All throughout scripture there are references to nature; God's created world, pretty waves, trees clapping, quiet waters, green pastures. We are also told in scripture that all these things were created for us to enjoy.

Now that it's officially summer, and we have a break from the homework, projects at school, and numerous other commitments, make sure you take time to enjoy the beauty of God's created world.

Get outside! While you may not be able to take an expensive vacation to a Caribbean beach, most of us live within hours or less of beautiful national parks, beaches and lakes... go explore them!

If finances are tight, find another single mom who is willing to travel with you and split the expenses. Consider borrowing a tent and going camping.

God's Word tells us to go and look at the stars and the sand on the sea shore, to consider the birds, and to consider the lilies. We need to do more looking and considering. We need a different perspective; we need time with our children to make life long memories.

So get out there! Make your plan, and enjoy His created beauty!