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Go nuts today and celebrate World Pistachio Day and National Snack Month!

CVS Gold Emblem Snack Line
CVS Gold Emblem Snack Line

Every day is a holiday so why not celebrate two holidays in one? Today, Wednesday, Feb. 26 is National Pistachio Day and if you didn't know, the entire month of February is National Snack Month too. What better way to incorporate both holidays into one than by making a delicious and good for you snack with pistachios?

CVS Gold Emblem California Pistachios Roasted & Salted With Sea Salt

Did you know that there is an old myth that says if you sit under a pistachio tree and hear the nuts cracking open then you will have good luck? This may just be a myth but in actually pistachios are good for you and your health. Pistachios can help lower your cholesterol and are packed with a whooping load full of nutrition like protein, fibers, minerals and have more potassium and Vitamin K per serving than any other nuts. The best way to eat them is cracking them from the shell (like these from CVS) instead of already pre-shelled ones so this way you end up eating less.

Now on to the celebration part! To make the most of National Pistachio Day and National Snack Month here is a delicious take on good old fashioned trail mix that you can make using snacks and pistachios all available at CVS.

Pistachio Apricot Trail Mix:

¼ cup Gold Emblem Pistachios

¼ cup Gold Emblem Mediterranean Apricots

¼ cup Gold Emblem Mixed Nuts

¼ cup Gold Emblem Sweetened Dried Cranberries

(optional: ¼ cup Gold Emblem Baked Wheat Snack Crackers for extra crunch)

Mix all together and serve immediately or store in an airtight container.

If you prefer to buy your own trail mix instead of making it, CVS offers several varieties of trail mixes in their Gold Emblem line like Tropical Trail Mix (with bananas, papaya and pineapples) Cajun Trail Mix (with corn sticks, pretzels and sesame sticks spices with Cajun seasoning) and Asian Trail Mix (with rice crackers and wasabi peas) that you can get instead and just add pistachios and other ingredients (coconut flakes to the Tropical Trail Mix, apricots to the Asian Trail mix and raisins to the Cajun Trail Mix for example) to it for a healthy punch of filling flavorful fun!

For more information about pistachios and their healthy benefits visit American Pistachios Growers at and for more information about Gold Emblem Pistachios and other snacks check out the slideshow and visit

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