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Go Medieval at Kentuck

A demonstrator makes thread from wool during the 2009 Arts and Armor event in the Kentuck Courtyard.
A demonstrator makes thread from wool during the 2009 Arts and Armor event in the Kentuck Courtyard.
Valerie Piette

If your family is looking to go medieval this weekend then head over to the Kentuck Art Center Saturday in Northport.

The art center will come alive with the sounds and smells from medieval times as Kentuck hosts Arts and Armor II.

The event is a day that “people can expect all things medieval,” said Valerie Piette, program director for the Kentuck Art Center .

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) demonstrators will be on hand to showcase many aspects of medieval life that include games, arts and crafts along with medieval combat techniques.

Butter and cheese making demonstrations will be featured and the West Alabama Fiber Guild will be on hand to demonstrate thread making.

Kentuck for Kids activities will include constructing a shield with a coat of arms and also a crown that the kids can wear and take away Piette said.

The event will also feature a medieval feast of meat pies prepared by Mary’s Cakes and Pastries and salads prepared by Fifth and Main, from 12 to 2 PM.

The event is free but the cost for lunch is $10 per person with a $40 cap per household. Lunch proceeds go toward maintenance of the Kentuck campus, Piette said.

Kerry Kennedy, an SCA member and Kentuck artist, says the SCA is composed of living historians and reenactors who demonstrate some aspect of medieval life.

“We don’t try to reenact certain battles. We study topics from the time period spanning from 500 AD to the end of Queen Elizabeth I’s life.”

Kennedy will be playing the role of Mistress Ciara the Potter. In the SCA, which she describes as “a fully formed reality” she is a laurel that promotes the arts and sciences.

Kennedy says SCA members will also conduct a medieval yard sale.

“People (from SCA) bring ‘medievally’ stuff to sale; items that they have outgrown,” she said.

Besides demonstrating medieval pottery techniques Kennedy will be showcasing a clay museum of sorts. The museum will consist of reproductions of archealogical finds from around the world, including a working reproduction of a Roman cooking vessel found in the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.

Kentuck metal artist Steve Davis says he will have no trouble demonstrating medieval metal working techniques.

“Some of it hasn’t changed for 800 years,” he said.

Davis says he will demonstrate how to make skewers, hooks and other basic medieval household cooking tools. But he also says he counts on making lots of armor repairs for the medieval combat demonstrators battling it out a few feet from his shop in the Kentuck courtyard.

It will be “not unlike body shop repair of today,” he said.

Davis encourages everyone to come down and check out the event which runs from 10 AM to 2 PM.

“There will be something for everyone,” he said.

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