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Go kart safety concerns produces lawsuit

go karts are fun to ride
go karts are fun to ride
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Muslim and Sikh groups in Southern California announced a lawsuit against Boomers amusement park on Tuesday. The lawsuit, filed with California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleges discriminatory practices by Boomers employees against persons wearing religious head coverings.

The complaint alleges Muslim and Sikh park goers were permitted to enter the park, but were not allowed to ride the go kart ride due to safety concerns with religious head coverings.

The Boomers go kart safety policy, posted on the website, states that shoulder length hair must be tied up above the shoulders. An entire document is dedicated to explaining the headwear policy.

According to the Boomers Head Wear Guest Info Sheet, the strict no headwear policy is in place to prevent horrific deadly accidents such as crushed windpipes, neck breaks, and even decapitation.

The concern is not unfounded. In 2010 a woman in England died when her hijab became stuck in the axle while she was driving at high speed.

The Boomers policy makes no exceptions for any person wearing religious head gear, cancer patients that might wear a head scarf to cover hair loss, or any person wearing a cap, visor, bandana, or any other neckwear.

CAIR-CA released a statement regarding the lawsuit Tuesday evening. The statement explains the organization feels the religious head covering called a turban is securely fastened and holds the individuals hair in place better than a hair tie. The organization also feels the turban is a better option to protect long hair from getting caught in the machinery. The lawsuit alleges the safety policy is arbitrary and capricious, because it fails to consider the turban as a secure method for holding long hair in place.

For more information regarding the Boomers go kart safety policy visit

For more information regarding the CAIR-CA lawsuit against Boomers read the press release posted on the CAIR-CA website.

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