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Go hiking around Buzzards Roost at Millerton

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The Millerton Lake recreational area is amazing. It is near Friant dam. The hiking area includes the Buzzard Roost hiking trail. The hiking trail is flat and has mixed scenery. As you are hiking along this trail you begin with a major climb. The hiking trail will work out your legs because the slope is extremely steep. Additionally the hiking area has rocky areas that can be quite tough on the rocks. Additionally the hiking trail gives you a workout with elevation gains. The hiking trail does reward the successful hikers with an amazing view of the Millerton Lake and the hiking areas. The hiking trail connects with other hiking trails which take you through the San Joaquin Valley and into the Sierra Nevada area. The hiking trail is beautiful and peaceful. Although it is not uncrowded. Since it is a quick and easy drive it is a common destination. There are stores and restaurants everywhere around the area so hiking this trail may not feel too out back. The nearest city to the hiking trail is Friant. The hiking trail is a dirt trail in the out back style. The hiking trail is not difficult due to obstacles, but it is difficult due the the slope of the hiking trail. You may want to avoid hiking this trail during the summer because shade is minimal. Additionally Friant can get as hot as Fresno on some days in the summer. The hiking trail is shown on many Millerton Lake State Recreation Area maps. You can find the USGS map of this area online in PDF form. This easy hike can be completed in an hour or less depending on your speed and your fitness level.

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Make sure to bring water when you go hiking because there are not too many places, even with a filter, for you to get water to drink. Additionally bring bug spray because the bugs in this area can get pretty bad. Also make sure to bring some sunscreen and good shoes to enjoy this with less risk of injury.