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Go Headband Moisture Wicking Fabric Running Gear Review

The "Go Headband" moisture wicking  running headband will keep you dry.
The "Go Headband" moisture wicking running headband will keep you dry.
Kelly Smith,

Runners in Houston, regardless of ability, do one thing well in the heat and humidity. Call it sweating, perspiring, glowing, or leaking; it doesn't matter, it's a distraction and a pain. It's just the price we pay for being able to run and race year round. We also run virtually no chance of doing a face plant on icy streets in the winter.

Sweat in the eyes is particularly annoying. To that end, I'm pretty much a rolled-up-bandana guy to try to staunch the flow. But a couple of weeks ago when I was twittering, I ran across an entrepreneurial lady who makes and sells an interesting alternative.

The Go Headband as an alternative to the bandana

She calls her product the Go Headband. She uses a very lightweight moisture wicking fabric and works it into a shape that's wide in the front and narrow and gathered in the back where it's sewn. She sews in a thin plastic strip in the bottom of the front to keep it from slipping on the forehead.

I decided to give it a try. At just $8 plus $1 shipping it wasn't too big a risk. They come in a variety of colors and some give you a choice of printed slogans like Go Vegan, Just Finish, Shut Up and Run, and the inevitable Cancer Sucks. I went with plain blue (see the pic above).

Putting it to the technical test

Early Saturday morning my running buddy Eddie the rat terrier and I loaded up in the truck for a morning of trail running at Challenger 7 Memorial Park. Being very humid and foggy, it was perfect for a test. My first impressions were the lightness and softness of the wicking fabric, and the fact that I couldn't even feel the non-slip strip. That had been on of my concerns.

The trails were great in the cool morning as the sun began to rise but I still worked up a good manly lather. The headband did a very good idea of keeping the sweat out of my eyes. The idea behind this product is that the front is so wide, extending well up on the scalp, that a lot of sweat will wick away before having a chance to even make it down to your forehead.

All in all, I was very satisfied that this headband lived up to its claims. I don't guess I'll be going back to my bandanas any time soon.

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