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Go Grilled Cheese

makes Jax peeps happy
makes Jax peeps happy
The Happy Grilled Cheese

Earlier today The Happy Grilled Cheese, one of Jax's favorite food trucks and the cheesiest, posted the following to their facebook page;
"Go Grilled Cheese, its yur birf-day. We're gonna party like its yur birf-day; gonna grill Havarti like its yur birf-day, & u know we give a truck cause its our birf-day! A few months ago we turned a year old and I just signed a lease to celebrate! That's right, the rumors are true & The Happy Grilled Cheese is opening a restaurant in historic 5pts.
Id like to take this time to thank each and every member of the Cheese Nation for you guys' continued devoted support over the past yr. Thank you for making my vision a reality and thank you for supporting the little guy. Small businesses are the backbone of the country's economy while representing the true 'American Dream' & don't let people, especially politicians, convince u otherwise! Stay tuned right here for more awesomeness to come. Check out the link below for all the cheesy details. Love to love ya!"
~Anthony Hashem, owner, The Happy Grilled Cheese

Park that truck in 5 Points
The Happy Grilled Cheese

That's right, cheese fans, the rumors are true and The Happy Grilled Cheese will soon have a brick and mortar location. That location will be on Park Street in the historic 5 points neighborhood. No worries about missing out on those awesome grilled cheese sandwiches on wheels as the truck will continue to operate six days a week.

The new location which will be the flagship for any and all to follow will have an onsite bakery, a patio in the back, a porch out front and wonderful food all around. Your favorite food truck items will be available as well as an expended breakfast and lunch menu overflowing with cheesy surprises.

Go Grilled Cheese!