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Go greener with these fun ideas for recycling

Paper Beads
Paper Beads

Spring is a great time to remind ourselves to "Go Green". Recycling is so important for our future and our children’s future as well, so why not make a hobby out of going green. From making lamps out of glass bottles to paper mache, now you can use your magazines and newspapers to create fun, green interesting decor.

Newspapers are still our first source for information, and many of us still have them delivered to our home. Then when we are finished, we recycle newspaper all the time and place it on our curb. But why not use it to make some items for our home? We can actually make a hobby out of recycling, if not just to have fun, but to decorate our homes or offices as well. You can even create paper jewelry from your old newspapers.

And we all just love magazines. Everyone has a favorite that they purchase that goes with their favorite hobby or sport. Or maybe you like just reading the news. I bet there aren’t too many homes and offices that don’t have at least one magazine delivered. Or perhaps you have purchased your favorite magazines at your local book store. Do you enjoy reading a specific topic like sports, decorating or knitting? When you are finished with them instead of placing them curbside you can create colorful projects and usable items with your old magazines. And each type of magazine can be used as a theme for your creation. has put together a link just for recycling project ideas. So why not get together with a few friends and put your paper together and begin recycling a new way and create one of kind items for yourself or someone else. You will love this idea on recycling days.

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