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Go green with unique and stylish Banner Bags


Going green isn’t just a trend; it’s a way of life. With that said, more and more earth conscious people are making green options as fashionable and as stylish as possible. For beginners jumping on the green band wagon, like most things, it’s best to start with baby steps. One of the easiest transitions to make a difference in our environment is to switch to reusable bags.

The United States goes through approximately 100 billion plastic bags a year and roughly 12 million barrels of oil are used to produce 1 billion plastic bags. In addition, millions of tax dollars are spent disposing of these plastic and paper bags, but if we each used one reusable bag for one year, we could save about 1,000 bags alone. Seems like an easy and logical trend to try on.

Volunteers of the History of Colorado, the Colorado Historical Society, and Mission Wear have teamed up to create Banner Bags. Instead of trashing banners that were used for past exhibitions and events, only to inevitably end up in a landfill, the banners are transformed into bags. Salvaged from local organizations such as Denver Performing Arts Complex, Opera Colorado, and Kroenke Sports, these durable and waterproof bags are not only green, but they are totally hip and stylish.

Each exclusive bag is made by the women at Mission Wear. Mission Wear is a non-profit organization established in 2006 that produces reusable grocery bags by women who are in recovery. Mission Wear creates a safe and welcoming environment for women struggling with adversity to re-enter the workforce, gain confidence, and feel good knowing they’re making a difference.

Why not carry your groceries and fashion splurges with style and a little heart? These bags will help keep the earth happier, cleaner and greener for all generations to come. Made by women in need, with sales benefiting a great cause, this is one fashion statement to really feel good about.

Banner Bag Prices:

  • Small $25
  • Medium $30
  • Large $40

Colorado Locations for Purchase:

Also available at select Tony's Market grocery stores across the Metro Area


  • Santiago 5 years ago

    12 million barrels of oil to produce 1 billion bags?!? That's outrageous! Thanks for this great article and now I will make it a point to start using reusable bags for my groceries (as a start). Just this morning, I went to a new Sprout's Market grand opening and they were giving away reusable bags.

  • Coop 5 years ago

    "Green" never sounded so stylish!!

  • Josephine 5 years ago

    Great article,I've been using cloth bags 4 grocerys for about a year and a half. it's a great way to reduce energy & save the planet.

  • Traveling bags 4 years ago

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