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Go green with reusable lunch bags for kids

Reusable lunch bags for kids
Reusable lunch bags for kids
Belinda J Mooney

If you are like many busy parents you spend a good deal of time packing kid's lunches. You may even pack your  own on a daily basis. Sandwich and snack bags can get expensive. They aren't safe to reuse and the simple fill up the landfills.

Using reusable lunch bags, sandwich bags and snack bags are the perfect answer. You can find these items in the Learning Treasures Homeschooling Resources online store. Here you will find lunch sets geared towards kid. You can request they be plastic lined or cloth lined. The price is right too - just $6.99 for a sandwich size bag and two snack size bags.

My kids love these as do several families in the Lewisburg area that uses them. They are also handcrafted right here in the Greenbrier area - another plus.