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Go green with organic cotton bags

Go green with organic cotton bags
Go green with organic cotton bags
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

The green movement has inspired many entrepreneurs. One of the latest trends is organic cotton bags. These green bags are popular due to the sustainability of organic cotton. It's completely recyclable and reusable. Organic cotton bags may be used and washed many times over. No chemicals are used in production. When you purchase 100% organic cotton bags they're pesticide free. Cotton has long been known for it's durability and strength. A wide variety of bags are available. Choose an option below.

Plain shopping bag

The true green organic shopping bag sold by National Geographic is a sound ecological choice. These go green organic cotton bags are pesticide and chemical free. The bag is sturdy and practical with reinforced seams. The dimensions are 15 ½ x 15 x 3.

Lunch bag

Sturdy organic cotton lunch bags and more are made by by Eco Bags. They carry a plain lunch bag with Velcro type closure. These bags are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Washable cotton doesn't hold odors the way vinyl bags do, or use up trees like the paper version.

Produce bag

Here is very innovative idea. See through organic cotton produce bags to use while shopping. We all know to use reusable shopping bags. What about all those baggies produce goes into? Organic mesh bags solve the problem easily.


Now baby can go green with organic cotton diapers and more. Why not give your child a head start in life? After all, we only have one planet to pass down to our kids. Why not make it a green one?

Go Green Organic Cotton Bags - Purse

Carry all your belongings in an ecofriendly purse. Made from jute and cotton, this purse is fashionable as well as durable. It has that "hippie" feel for those of us with fond memories or those that wish they had them. Teens love it too!

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