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Go Green with Electric car hire scheme Maylands

car hire UK
car hire UK

From last many years engineers are working to develop the environment friendly (green) technology and succeeded as well. Though, still most of the people are using gasoline to commute from home to office or vice versa. Even car hire UK, also using gas for their vehicles. Government is working to provide more green options for public transport and in this regard an announcement has been made about a few days ago.

A new scheme about electric car hire has been announced at Maylands Business Park.

This is an 18 month partnership between Dacorum Borough Council and E-Car. This is the pilot e-car club which will use only electric vehicles. The first club in a UK business park comes after a survey held last year about the Maylands employees. This survey revealed that about 75 % employees drive to work alone. This idea came to make it easier for people who work at Maylands, and they can get an option to choose sustainable ways to get to work.

The new scheme would help daily commuters to hire an electric car. It would be a new beginning to headed towards the green world.
Now people have an option to choose Europcar that are pocket as well as environment friendly.