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Go green with ecofriendly gift wrap

Choose ecofriendly gift wrap whenever possible.
Choose ecofriendly gift wrap whenever possible.
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Enhance your earth friendly lifestyle with creative ideas for gift wrap. Go green by using recyclable and reusable items to wrap presents for special occasions. Going green doesn't have to be boring, plain or ugly. These suggestions are unique and beautiful.

Newspaper as green gift wrap may seem common.

Jazz up this ecofriendly gift wrap. Fill spray bottles with a food coloring and water solution in several colors. Go green and colorful by spraying newspaper or old maps randomly for a tie dye effect.

Go green by brown bagging it.

A used brown paper bag becomes a work of art. Use rubber stamps, stickers, ribbon and embellishments left over from a scrap booking page, to make a creative gift bag. This gift wrap idea can be re-gifted or recycled as well.

Fabric gift wrap pleases seamstresses.

Go green by wrapping gifts in fabric for people who sew. Re-use old scraps or find a pretty clearance piece. This eco friendly gift wrap can be turned into a re-usable shopping bag by a gifted seamstress.

Make a shopping/gift bag as reusable wrap.

Make a useful item such as a cloth shopping bag to use as a gift bag. Fill the shopping bag with green products for the home. The recipient will be delighted to get two gifts in one.

A gardener might appreciate a gift of seeds.

Include tools, and other gardening supplies. Tuck them all inside a pretty flower pot. Tie a recycled fabric ribbon around the flower pot to perk it up.

A plant makes a lovely earth friendly gift.

The only wrap required is a ribbon and card. Choose a versatile, easy care plant that can be used indoors or out. For sustainability, perennials are best. For the card, use scraps from a children's art project.

Use shredded paper from the office as bag filler.

Reuse this normally wasted resource. Encourage the gift recipient to re-use or recycle the shreds for their own gifts.

Make a crazy green gift wrap bow.

Tye random paper shreds together with ribbon. Just line them up on the ribbon at varying lengths. Now take the two ribbon ends and tie a knot around the paper shreds. This eco friendly bow should resemble a burst of fireworks when done.

The best way to go green with gift wrap is to save it.

Open gifts carefully. Save every ribbon, tag, wrap, bag and bow for future use. Green living means using everything to it's full potential. Even after gift wrap has reached it's limit, it may be recyclable.

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