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Go Green Spring!

Singing Angel Alumni
Singing Angel Alumni
Charlene Duncan

Clovers were in full-bloom at Edgewater Park on the north coast of Cleveland. It was the perfect symbolism for the “145th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade”. Through a sea of spectators who lined the parade routes of E. 18th Street and Superior Avenue all ages flocked for the 77 degree record-breaking temperature event. You can say that it was the luck of the Irish with the beautiful sky and the blessings from St. Patrick.

Participating in the parade were about 245 Units consisting of local area Irish families, Irish dancers, Irish marching bands, high school marching bands, non-profit organizations, political candidates, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, Burning River Roller Girls, local media celebrities, and the Singing Angel Alumni.

Class of 85” Singing Angel Alumni – William Eversole - participated with his wife’s family on the Dugan Family Float; since he could not march in two units! As the crowd viewed the floats they did know whether the Corrigan Family float or Dugan family float had more family members on it; at least they did not tip over!

Todd Schwartz (Angel Alumni President) organized the get together with the former Alumni from the 1960’s through the present day. The alumni marched in the street shouting with the help of Nici Crosby: “Almost 50 years and still singing”! Riding in Classic Dark Green vehicle thanks to the “Norman and Classic Car Club of America Ohio Region” was the (Founder and Director of the Singing Angels - William C. Boehm). Ninety year old - Mr. Boehm spoke to his former alumni telling them stories about themselves as he remembered them as children in the group. It was wonderful for members to be part of Cleveland’s group and having connections to their Angel family whether they live local or by using social media to connect. Those alumni who were far away could watch the parade live via the internet.

Rafaela Gangale Rokakis – S.A. Alumni Pianist and Former Musical Director marched in the parade while giving a vocal warm-up and directing the alumni as they marched along the parade in song. My daughter now the newest member of the “Littlest Angels” and myself had the chance to march in our first parade. Wearing of the green with our Irish ancestry from mother’s side of the family qualified us; though everyone who participated this past Saturday, March 17th in the parade, were Irish for the day.

A local hero was Brian never did get his last name; as everyone walked back after the parade a little sparrow was caught on string hanging upside down on awning of local area downtown business. Other sparrows were trying to rescue the bird, and the bird eventually gave up on his escape! This spry young Brian was able to scale the store front climbing on objects that were life threatening to release the sparrow by using the only thing available; a lighter from a passerby to break the string. All were lucky and safe on this blessed day. As for the sparrow he sprang free to enjoy the official first day of spring, this coming, Tuesday, March 20th. “Happy 2012 spring”!

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