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"Go Green" for Earth Day with These Ft. Lauderdale Businesses

Water quality and air quality affect our physical health.
Water quality and air quality affect our physical health.

If you think Earth Day, April 22, is just about the health of the planet and not about your own health, think again. Air quality, water quality, and pollutants all affect our physical health, while the presence of quality green space can be a balm for the spirit.

The choices we make throughout the day have an impact on the environment we live in, which in turn has an impact on us. This includes our choices in cleansing products, foods, cosmetics, and transportation. Fortunately, "green" has become a popular buzzword, and many businesses are making it easier for consumers to make environmentally-friendly--which means human-friendly--choices.

Consider these green businesses in the Ft. Lauderdale area:

  • Surface Savers. This business offers safe, non-toxic cleaning services for tile, grout, stone, concrete, and pool decks. Phone number: 561-376-7362.
  • Holistic Hair Color and Style. Ibana Villasenor, holistic hair stylist, offers natural, non-toxic, and low-toxic hair treatments. Phone number: 561-509-5559.
  • Xact natural Pest Management. This business offers natural, low-impact, and precise pest control for homes and businesses. Phone number: 954-587-5612
  • Green Dwellers. A "green boutique" that offers natural, organic, and non-toxic products for the home, including bedding, toys, and decor. Also offers green parties, green baby showers, and baby and wedding shower registries. Products are available on-line; in-store shopping and parties are by appointment only. Phone number: 954-533-2295 


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