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Go green by supporting your local farmers' market

Tropical flowers sold at the KCC Farmers' Market
Tropical flowers sold at the KCC Farmers' Market
Julie Kaneko

In the last several years, going green has become the thing to do from making a big investment and buying a hybrid car or installing solar panels to your home or doing smaller things, like recycling and buying local produce. If you are looking to do the latter, finding a local farmers’ market on Oahu on almost any day of the week would not be a hard task.

The Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation (HFBF) has been holding the KCC Farmers’ Market for a number of years and it is one of the more renown on Oahu and brings in locals and tourists alike for the fresh produce, flowers and delicious prepared foods.

Every Saturday morning from 7:30 am to 11:00 am, over 50 vendors line the parking lot of KCC, as hundreds of patrons pick up their produce for the week or enjoy breakfast or an early lunch. At almost any time on Saturday, there will be a line for the fried green tomatoes, Kukui Sausage, abalone and grilled pesto pizza.

With the success and popularity of the KCC farmers’ market, the HFBF has continued to expand and hold more farmers’ markets island wide from Mililani to Kailua. Other community organizations have also followed suit and started their own farmers’ markets, like the one held in Haleiwa on Saturdays or at Kaiser High School on Tuesdays.

A couple of pointers, for when you head to any of the fore mentioned farmers’ market- be sure to bring an eco bag with you for your purchases, as we are trying to promote sustainability, and bring cash, preferably smaller bills, as many of the vendors may not be able to break large denominations.

Thanks to organizations like the HFBF, community groups and others, it has become so much easier for all of us to eat healthier and support our local businesses. We may not all be ready to purchase that Prius just yet, but heading to your local farmers’ market is a great step in the right direction to going green.

For more information on the farmers’ markets hosted by the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation visit their website.


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